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Biosynthesis of Gold Nanoparticles Using Vine Tea Powder Extracts

GUO Qiulan, GUO Qingquan*, LUO Ruhong, TAN Dicong, LAI Xiangfeng, GUO Shaofeng   

  1. (Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Light Industry,Guangdong University of
    Technology,Guangzhou 510006,China)
  • Received:2013-06-09 Revised:2013-11-13 Online:2014-07-10 Published:2014-07-10
  • About author: Guo Qingquan, Vice-professor; Tel: 020-39322231; Email:; Research interests: the Preparation of Function Materials

Abstract: Gold nanoparticles were prepared by a bioreduction of chloroauric acid with vine tea powder extracts, and characterized by UV-Vis, TEM and size distribution. The process of biosynthesis was investigated by control variate method. The results show that pH of the reaction solution, temperature and the quantities of the chloroauric acid all have significant effects on the particle size, size distribution, morphology and stability of gold nanoparticles. At pH>6.47 or in the presence of excess vine tea powder extracts, gold nanoparticles tend to agglomerate and the size of gold nanoparticles increases with the temperature increasing. Therefore, an effective controllable green synthesis of gold nanoparticles can be realized by control variate method.

Key words: gold nanoparticles, vine tea powder extracts, bioreduction

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