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A Simple Colorimetric Assay for Detection of Cadmium Ion Based on 6-Mercaptopurine/peptide Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles

ZHU Zhijun1,2, LIU Dianjun1, WANG Zhenxin1*   

  1. (1.State Key Laboratory of Electroanalytical Chemistry,Changchun Institute of
    Applied Chemistry,Changchun 130022,China;
    2.University of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100039,China)
  • Received:2012-08-23 Revised:2012-09-24 Published:2013-06-10 Online:2013-06-10
  • Contact: zhenxin

Abstract: A simple colorimetric assay for rapid and selective sensing toxic heavy metal ion, cadmium ion(Cd2+), has been developed using gold nanoparticles(AuNPs) decorated with 6-mercaptopurine(MP) and peptide CALNN. MP is employed as a chelating ligand through the N group at the end of MP, and CALNN is served not only as a stabilizer, but also as a factor of high selectivity. AuNPs solution exhibits a gradual color change from red to blue with increasing the concentration of Cd2+, which leads to an easily measurable change in absorption spectrum of AuNPs solution and naked eye detection. A simple assay with high selectivity and fast response(within 5 min) is presented, and the limit of detection(LOD) for Cd2+ was calculated to be 350 nmol/L.

Key words: Gold nanoparticles, Colorimetric assay, Cadmium ion, Mercaptopurine

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