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 Chinese Journal of Applied Chemistry, founded in 1983, is approved by State Scientific and Technological Commission (presently Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China), administered by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), cosponsored by the Chinese Chemical Society (CCS) and Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, CAS, published by the Science Press and issued in domestic and aboard. It is devoted to the publication of research papers in all fields of chemistry with emphasis on fundamental researches having potential applications, interdisciplinary researches, and creative discoveries from production practice. The Journal takes the responsibility to act as a bridge between scientific research and industrial practice. Introduce new discoveries, new theories, new methods and new technology, new products and related information of science and technology in this field, and serve to promote the development and application of applied chemistry and strength domestic and international academic exchanges, personnel training and modernization.

The issuing of Journal is mainly for chemical, chemical & engineering researches, productions, applications, designs, managements and other research institutes, tertiary institutions and various chemical related enterprises. Issuance covers the whole country, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, and has been issued aboard by China International Book Trading Corporation. The print circulation is large among chemical magazines. Since its first issue in 1983, has always been collected in A Guide to the Core Chinese Periodicals, and quoted by 11 authoritative Abstracts Retrieval Journals at home and abroad, and has a wide influence on related field. Advertisement in this journal is helpful to expand the sale channel of products, improve the sale of the product. Advertising content includes chemical products, production of chemical raw materials, analytical instruments, chemical machinery, chemical equipment and domestic agent products of foreign companies, etc.

The Journal published monthly in A4 paper size. The advier can provide color brochures made themselves, or only related product pictures and text material, which can be designed free by us. Print pages include inside front cover, inside back cover, back cover, inserted blank pages.Advertisements published in the journals must comply with the Advertising Law of The People’s Republic of China and relevant regulations. The advertising content shall be true and legal, without any false content. All advertising will be discussed and collectively decided by the editorial office at our meetings. The commercial content will be completely separated from academic content. Advertising will not affect the editors' decision to accept manuscripts. In case of potential conflicts of interest, authors, editors and reviewers will disclose the information in accordance with guidelines of COPE and relevant international standards.

If you are interested in issuing relevant product information in our journal, please contact us by the following address and leave us your contact information. We will send you the relevant materials, standard of charges and List of Ordering Layout after receipt. In addition, the publication can also be sent to the user on your requirement for the enterprise to view the contents published.

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