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Using 2-Thiobarbituric Acid-modified Gold Nanoparticles as Colorimetric Probes for Sensitive Detection of Melamine

FEI Yao1, GUO Han2, XI Huanxiang1, CHEN Wanyi1, CAI Linyi1, WANG Aijun1, FENG Jiuju1,2*   

  1. (1.College of Chemistry and Life Science,Zhejiang Normal University,Jinhua 321004,China;
    2.School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Henan Normal University,Xinxiang 453007,China)
  • Received:2013-05-20 Revised:2013-06-17 Online:2014-04-10 Published:2014-04-10

Abstract: A simple and rapid colorimetric method was developed for the detection of melamine using 2-thiobarbituric acid-modified gold nanoparticles(TBA-AuNPs) as probes. Melamine can induce the aggregation of TBA-AuNPs via the hydrogen-bonding interactions in acetic acid buffer solutions(pH=7), resulting in the color change from wine-red to blue within 15 min at room temperature. Under optimized conditions, the absorption ratio of the A660/A520 shows good linear relationship with the melamine concentration in the range of 0.062~0.18 μmol/L and 0.18~6.0 μmol/L, respectively, with the detection limit of 0.043 μmol/L. The recoveries of the method are within the range of 102.8%~105.3%. It provides a platform for rapid, selective and sensitive colorimetric detection of melamine in milk samples.

Key words: melamine, thiobarbituric acid, gold nanoparticles probes, colorimetric method

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