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Preparation and Adsorption of Molecularly Imprinting Polymer for Malachite Green

WU Quanshu, HUANG Zhiyong*, LIN Zhengzhong   

  1. (College of Bioengineering,Jimei University,Xiamen 361021,China)
  • Received:2012-08-01 Revised:2012-09-14 Published:2013-07-10 Online:2013-07-10

Abstract: A molecularly imprinted polymer(MIP) of malachite green(MG) was prepared through bulk polymerization. Polymerization conditions, such as the kinds and the dosages of functional monomers, the dosages of cross linker, the concentrations of the template, as well as the polymerization time, were optimized. Static equilibrium binding method was employed to investigate the absorption ability of polymers to MG. The result showed that when using MAA as monomer and the molar ratio of MG, MAA, EGDMA was 1∶4∶20, the largest amount of absorption was achieved and the imprinting factor(α=QMIP/QNIP) could be as large as 3.6, indicating that the MIP prepared in this work had the excellent ability of recognition and enrichment for MG.

Key words: Malachite green, molecularly imprinted polymer, bulk polymerization, absorption

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