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Synthesis of O6-substituted Purine Derivatives Catalyzed by 4-Amino-pyridine

LU Hongfei*, WU Dingming, SUN Leilei, GAO Yuhua   

  1. (School of Biological and Chemical Engineering,Jiangsu University of 
    Science and Technology,Zhenjiang 212003,China)
  • Received:2011-06-14 Revised:2011-09-13 Published:2012-04-10 Online:2012-04-10

Abstract: A series of O6-substituted purine derivatives was designed and prepared through an efficient and convenient method with 4-amino-pyridine as the catalyst in methanol solvent. Under optimized conditions:n(6-chloropurine)∶n(4-amino-pyridine)∶n(triethylamine)=10∶1∶4, refluxing for 5~7 h, the yield of 6-alkoxy purine was greater than 85%. Studies showed that, the relative amount of 6-chloropurine, 4-amino-pyridine and triethylamine in the system had a great influence on the reaction, and the highest catalytic activity was achieved using a mixture of 4-amino-pyridine and triethylamine as the catalyst.

Key words: amino-pyridines, Purine, catalyst, Oxyalkylation, synthesis

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