Chinese Journal of Applied Chemistry ›› 2015, Vol. 32 ›› Issue (5): 552-556.DOI: 10.11944/j.issn.1000-0518.2015.05.140311

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Alkali-Metal Tuning of Adsorption Sites in Metal Organic Frameworks MOF-5 for Carbon Dioxide/Methane Separation at Ambient Conditions

CHAEMCHUEN Somboona, b, ZHOU Kuia, b, YAO Chena, b, LUO Zhixionga, VERPOORT Francisa, b, *   

  1. aLaboratory of Organometallics,Catalysis and Ordered Materials,State Key Laboratory ofAdvanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing, Wuhan University of Technology,Wuhan 430070,China
    bCenter for Chemical and Material Engineering,Wuhan University of Technology,Wuhan 430070,China
  • Received:2014-09-09 Revised:2014-12-10 Accepted:2015-01-08 Online:2015-05-05 Published:2015-05-05
  • Contact: VERPOORT Francis


Alkali-metal modified metal organic frameworks MOF-5(denoted by M-MOF-5, M=Li, Na, K, Mg) were prepared by ‘one-step’ synthesis. The theoretical calculation(IAST, ideal adsorbed solution theory) was performed to compare the adsorption selectivity of materials. It is found that alkali-metal incorporated MOF-5 can reduce the interpenetration level of MOF-5 framework. The experiment results also show that M-MOF-5 can significantly improve the CO2/CH4 adsorption selectivity compared to MOF-5(3.79), especially Li-MOF-5(7.39) at ambient conditions. Furthermore, the CO2 capacity of Li-MOF-5 is also enhanced.


Key words: metal organic frameworks MOF-5, carbon dioxide/methane selectivity, alkali-metal, interpenetration

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