Chinese Journal of Applied Chemistry

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One-Pot Synthesis and Extraction Performances Toward Metal Cations of Sulfonate-bridged Calixarenes

WANG Wenge, ZHANG Dechun*   

  1. (Department of Materials & Chemical Engineering,Hunan Institute of Technology,Hengyang 421002,China)
  • Received:2012-06-25 Revised:2012-08-18 Online:2013-05-10 Published:2013-05-10
  • Contact: ZHANG Dechun

Abstract: Four aromatic tetrasulfonate calixarenes have been prepared in one pot and their extraction performances toward Ca2+, Pb2+ and some transition metal ions in chloroform were evaluated. The primary results revealed that the sulfonate-bridged calixarenes showed improved extraction capabilities toward several toxic cations such as Cr3+, Cd2+ and Co2+. The extracted percentages of Cr3+ by compound 2a and Cd2+ by compound 2b are 50.15% and 46.48%, respectively.

Key words: calixarenes, macrocyclic compound, extraction, sulfonate, metal ion recognition

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