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Orthogonal Optimized Synthesis of Dawsonite from Aluminum Citrate

CHEN Yongmei1*, ZHU Junli2, YU Zhanglong1, WAN Pingyu1   

  1. (1.Faculty of Science,Beijing University of Chemical and Technology,Beijing 100029,China;
    2.Northwest Research Institute of Chemical Industry,Xi′an 710060,China)
  • Received:2011-02-21 Revised:2011-05-25 Published:2012-01-10 Online:2012-01-10
  • Contact: Zhu Junli


The conversion of aluminum citrate(AlCit) to dawsonite is the key step to the alumina process named “AlCit-dawsonite-alumina”. The reaction conditions including the dosage of sodium bicarbonate, pH, reaction temperature and reaction time, were found to be related to the conversion of AlCit. Orthogonal experimental design was employed to optimize the reaction conditions. About 76% of AlCit was conversed to dawsonite under the optimized conditions:NaHCO3/Al molar ratio of 5, pH of 11, temperature of 80 ℃ and reaction time of 3 h, comparing to 65% obtained under preliminary experimental conditions.

Key words: orthogonal experimental design, aluminium citrate, dawsonite, alumina

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