Chinese Journal of Applied Chemistry

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Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of the Hybrid Latexes of Polyurethane and Polystyrene-acrylate and Their Application in Laminating Adhesive

HUANG Zengfang*, QU Xiaoyue, MA Junxian   

  1. (College of Chemistry and Biology,Zhongshan Institute,University of Electronic Science
     & Technology of China,Zhongshan 528402,China)
  • Received:2013-01-15 Revised:2013-05-03 Published:2013-12-10 Online:2013-12-10

Abstract: The polyurethane-styrene-acrylate(PUSA) hybrid latexes were prepared by emulsion polymerization of a mixture of polyurethane(PU) prepolymer, butyl acrylate and styrene monomers. The obtained PU prepolymer was end capped by vinyl groups based on 1H NMR results. The particles′ diameter was about 150 nm from the TEM. The thermostability of the hybrid latexes was improved when the content of PU was decreased, and the single Tg was located between those of PU and polystyrene-acrylate(PSA). When the resultant hybrid latexes were applied in paper-plastic and plastic-plastic laminating adhesives, the peel strengths were 14.1 N/2.5 cm and 12.2 N/2.5 cm, respectively.

Key words: polyurethane, emulsion polymerization, waterborne hybrid latexes, laminating adhesive

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