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Synthesis and Performance of Isocarbophos Molecular Imprinted Sillica Surface
SHEN Jincan1,2*, WU Fengqi1, XIAO Chengui1, ZHANG Yi1, HAN Ruiyang1, HONG Xiaoliu1
(1.Inspection Center of Import and Export Food,Shenzhen Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau,Shenzhen 518045,China;
2.Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Detection Technology R&D on Food Safety,Shenzhen 518045,China)
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Abstract  A molecular imprinting polymer(MIP) using isocarbophos as template molecule, methacrylic acid as functional monomer, trimethylolpropane trimethacrylate(TRIM) as cross-linking agent was synthesized on the surface of silica gels. The MIP has been fully characterized by IR spectroscopy, SEM,elemental analysis and so on. The static adsorption equilibrium experiments and the Scatchard analysis showed that there were two kinds of binding sites in the MIP. The dissociation constants of these two binding sites are 4.84×10-3 and 15.2×10-3 mol/L, respectively. The MIP exhibits improved specific adsorption capacity compared with that of non-imprinted polymers. The imprint factor of MIP is 2.73.
Keywords isocarbophos      surface imprinting      silica      recognition characteristics     
:  O632.5  
Issue Date: 25 September 2013
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SHEN Jincan1,2*, WU Fengqi1, XIAO Chengui1, ZHANG Yi1, HAN Ruiyang1, HONG Xiaoliu1. Synthesis and Performance of Isocarbophos Molecular Imprinted Sillica Surface[J]. Chinese Journal of Applied Chemistry,2014, 31(01): 84-88.
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