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Issn: CN 22-1128/O6

CN:ISSN 1000-0518

Director:Chinese Academy of Sciences

Host:Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Instructions for Authors

Chinese Journal of Applied Chemistry

Publishing Ethics Standard


For Authors

1. Authors shall be responsible for the authenticity of the article. If necessary, they should provide original pictures, original data, funding certificate and other supporting materials as required.

2. When submitting a manuscript, the Copyright Transfer Agreement should also be submitted and signed by hand. A recommendation letter should also be submitted certifying that the content of the manuscript is authentic and there is no multiple submission, confidential breach and authorship dispute.

3. Rank of authors should be based on the contribution of each author. Authorship should be collectively determined by all authors before submitting and shall not changed thereafter. If necessary, an application letter should be provided to the editorial office written by the first author and the corresponding author stating the reason for the change, which must be signed by all authors.

4. Generally, only one corresponding author is marked. In case of multidisciplinary collaborative research, there could be more than one corresponding authors from different institutes. The journal does not accept equivalent contributors.

5. Author should declare whether there is a conflict of interests when submitting the manuscript. If there is any, it should be notified to the journal; If authors have any objection to review comments, they can submit a written statement to the editorial department and make a detailed explanation


For Reviewers

1. Review experts should adhere to the principles of fairness, impartiality, confidentiality and timeliness to make responsible review comments on manuscripts, and should not disclose the article content.

2. When there is a conflict of interests between a reviewer and an author, the reviewer should declare the conflict to the editorial office, and the editorial office shall decide whether the reviewer should avoid reviewing the submitted article

3. Reviewers shall deal with manuscripts in a timely manner. Reviewers shall inform the editorial office in time if they cannot review and return the manuscript on schedule.


For Editors

1. Editors should deal with each manuscript fairly, justly and timely, and make a decision to accept or reject the manuscript according to the significance, originality, scientificity, authenticity and relevance of the submitted article.

2. Editors should abide by the principle of confidentiality and strictly keep the reviewer's information and the article content.

3. Editors should not be driven by interests to intervene in peer review, and strive to ensure the independence, fairness and impartiality of review process. When selecting experts for review, editors should guarantee reviewers are not from the same institute as authors, and should not select an submitting author as reviewer.

4. For peer review experts recommended by authors, editors should verify the authenticity of the reviewer information, and decide whether to adopt the recommended reviewer according to the research field and whether there is a conflict of interest with the author. If authors make a reasonable request to avoid an expert's review of their manuscript, the editor should accept it.

5. Editors have the responsibility to avoid academic misconduct such as multiple submission and redundant publications. If multiple submission, plagiarism and other academic misconduct are found, the journal will reject submission from the authors within two years.


For Publisher

1. If any academic misconduct is found in manuscripts that have been accepted, the journal has right to reject the manuscript and notify the authors institutes and relevant journals.

2. If any academic misconduct is found in articles that have been published in the journal, the journal will remove the article and publish a statement.

3. The journal should publish the submission instruction and update in time. 

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