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应用化学  2020, Vol. 37 Issue (1): 1-15    DOI: 10.11944/j.issn.1000-0518.2020.01.190199
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中国石油大学(北京)重质油国家重点实验室和CNPC催化重点实验室 北京 102249
Recent Advance in the Characterization of Acidic Properties of Zeolites
LIU Meng,WU Zhijie(),PAN Tao
State Key Laboratory of Heavy Oil and Key Laboratory of Catalysis of CNPC,China University of Petroleum(Beijing),Beijing 102249,China
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沸石分子筛的酸性质决定其酸催化性能,如何准确、定量地区分沸石分子筛上酸类型、密度、强度及分布,对于阐明沸石酸催化性能具有重要的意义。 本文主要总结了近几年来关于沸石分子筛酸性位分布、酸类型、酸强度等重要酸性质的定性和定量分析方法的研究进展。

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关键词 沸石分子筛酸性质表征方法Brønsted酸    

The catalytic performance of zeolite is mainly dependent on its acidic properties. The accurately and quantitatively distinguishing acid type, density, strength and site distribution of acid is significant to clarify the catalytic performance of zeolites. Here, we summarize the recent advances in the qualitative and quantitative analytic methods for acid site distribution, acid type and acid strengths.

Key wordszeolite    acid properties    characterization method    Brønsted acid
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刘萌, 吴志杰, 潘涛. 沸石分子筛酸性质表征方法研究进展[J]. 应用化学, 2020, 37(1): 1-15.
LIU Meng, WU Zhijie, PAN Tao. Recent Advance in the Characterization of Acidic Properties of Zeolites. Chinese Journal of Applied Chemistry, 2020, 37(1): 1-15.
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图1MFI(a,b)和MWW(c,d)沸石的骨架结构和孔道结构图(2017 Elsevier出版社版权许可) [5]
Fig.1The framework and channel structure of MFI(a,b) and MWW(c,d) zeolite(Reprinted with permission from reference [5]. Copyright 2017 Elsevier)
图2DME(A,B), DTBP(C,D)和TPP分子(E,F)的结构和动力学直径
Fig.2Structural and kinetic diameter of DME(A and B), DTBP(C and D) and TPP(E and F) molecules
图3均三甲苯存在下苯甲醇的反应路径(2014 American Chemical Society出版社版权许可) [11]
Fig.3The reaction route of benzyl alcohol in the presence of mesitylene (Reprinted with permission from reference [11]. Copyright 2014 American Chemical Society)
Fig.4NH3-TPD profiles of HZSM-5 zeolites with different Si/Al ratios
图5373~873 K温度下H-MOR沸石吸附氨的红外光谱图(2013 John Wiley and Sons出版社版权许可) [19]
Fig.5IR spectra of H-mordenite zeolite with adsorbed ammonia measured at 373 to 873 K(Reprinted with permission from reference [19]. Copyright 2013 John Wiley and Sons)
Fig.6Py-IR spectra of HZSM-5 zeolite
图7CO(2100~2250 cm-1)与H-MOR分子筛的羟基相互作用(a)和OH伸缩振动(3000~3600 cm-1)123 K下的红外光谱图(b)(2008 American Chemical Society出版社版权许可) [48]
Fig.7Infrared spectra of the CO species(2100~2250 cm-1) interacting with hydroxyl groups of H-MOR(a) and OH stretching region(3000~3600 cm-1) upon CO adsorption at 123 K(b)(Reprinted with permission from reference [48]. Copyright 2008 American Chemical Society)
图8不同硅铝比H-Beta沸石的27Al MAS NMR谱图(2017 American Chemical Society出版社版权许可)[52]
Fig.827Al MAS NMR spectra of H-Beta zeolites with different Si/Al ratios (Reprinted with permission from reference [52]. Copyright 2017 American Chemical Society)
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