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应用化学  2018, Vol. 35 Issue (4): 369-380    DOI: 10.11944/j.issn.1000-0518.2018.04.170382
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a武汉理工大学 材料复合新技术国家重点实验室
b武汉理工大学 材料科学与工程学院 武汉 430070
Progress of Metal Oxide and Metal-Organic Framework Composite Materials
ZHANG Panb,ZHOU Kuib,CHAEMCHUEN Somboonab,CHEN Chenga,VERPOORT Francisab*()
aState Key Laboratory of Materials Synthesis and Processing
bSchool of Materials Science and Engineering,Wuhan University of Technology,Wuhan 430070,China
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金属有机骨架(Metal-Organic Framework,MOF)复合材料是一种新型功能性材料,其中金属氧化物@MOF复合材料因结合了金属氧化物和MOFs的许多特性而受到人们的广泛关注,成为近年来MOFs材料研究的一个重要方向。 本文综述了金属氧化物@MOF复合材料制备方法的研究进展,主要包括外延生长法、气相沉积法、模板法等,并分析了它们各自的优缺点;概述了金属氧化物@MOF复合材料在催化、传感、生物医药、吸附与分离方面的具体应用性能,以及在电化学研究领域的潜在应用;并提出今后金属氧化物@MOF复合材料研究的主要方向是开发简单高效的制备方法、选取新功能性金属氧化物以及探索复合材料的其它新型结构,以拓展其在工业上的应用。

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Metal oxide@MOF(metal-organic framework) composite materials have emerged as a new class of functional materials and attracted considerable interests in many fields due to the unique properties in combination of metal oxide with MOF, which has been an important research direction of MOF materials in recent years. In this review, we systematically summarize the research progress towards various synthetic methods for metal oxide@MOF composite materials, such as epitaxial growth method, gas phase infiltration method and template method. The advantages and disadvantages of these methods are discussed, respectively. Applications of metal oxide@MOFs composite materials in adsorption and separation, catalysis, sensing, biomedical and potential applications of metal oxide@MOFs composite materials in electrochemical research are also discussed. In order to expand its application in industry, the improvement of synthetic methods, the preparation of new functional metal oxides and the exploration of new structures are proposed as the main future research and development directions of metal oxide@MOFs composite materials.

Key wordsmetal-organic framework    metal oxide    fabrication    catalysis    composites
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通讯作者: VERPOORTFrancis     E-mail:
张攀, 周奎, CHAEMCHUENSomboon, 陈宬, VERPOORTFrancis. 金属氧化物@金属有机骨架复合材料研究进展[J]. 应用化学, 2018, 35(4): 369-380.
ZHANG Pan, ZHOU Kui, CHAEMCHUEN Somboon, CHEN Cheng, VERPOORT Francis. Progress of Metal Oxide and Metal-Organic Framework Composite Materials. Chinese Journal of Applied Chemistry, 2018, 35(4): 369-380.
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Fig.1Schematic representation of the step-by-step synthesis strategy(a); TEM images of individual core-shell magnetic microsphere of Fe3O4@[Cu3(btc)2](b~g)[15]
Fig.2Preparation procedure of Fe3O4@ZIF-8 core-shell microspheres(a), TEM images of ZIF-8 growth on functionalized Fe3O4(b) and SEM images of the Fe3O4 particles(c)[19]
Fig.3Schematic illustration of ZnO@ZIF-8 nanorods synthesized via the Self-Template strategy[25]
Fig.4Schematic representation of the general microchemical process[30]
Fig.5XRD patterns and SEM images of the Fe3O4@ZIF-8 particles
a.XRD patterns of the Fe3O4, Fe3O4@ZIF-8 and Fe3O4(JCPDS 19-0629) particles and the simulated single-crystal XRD pattern of ZIF-8; b.SEM images of Fe3O4; c.SEM images of Fe3O4@ZIF-8 particles[30]
Fig.6A schematic illustration of MB degradation over the MIL-100(Fe) photocatalyst under light irradiation(inset:the chemical structure of MIL-100(Fe) and the electron transfer processes that occurs in MIL-100(Fe) when irradiated by light)[17]
Fig.7Schematic diagram of separation of electron-hole pairs over BiVO4/MIL-101 composite under visible light[40]
图8TiO2@NH2-UiO-66复合材料光催化还原CO2 示意图[41]
Fig.8Proposed photocatalytic CO2 reduction pathway over TiO2/NH2-UiO-66[41]
Fig.9Reaction scheme(a) ; Microfluidic catalytic system for Knoevenagel condensation(b)[30]
Fig.10Photocurrent response of ZnO nanorod arrays against H2O2(0.1 mmol) and AA(0.1 mmol)[25]
图1130 ℃下不同吸附剂对MB(a)和Cr(Ⅵ)(b)的等温吸附曲线[51]
Fig.11Adsorption isotherms for MB(a) and Cr(Ⅵ)(b) on different adsorbents at 303 K[51]
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